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Early start (was up at 5.30am!) and off to a sunny Castle Combe for Race 2… although technically not had Race 1 yet 🙂 We were in a different paddock today which was more of […]

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Last minute nightscapes…

As of yesterday morning the weather report for a potential new dark(ish) site local to me looked good… so I planned a shoot more to see if this could be worth a revisit if the […]

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Samyang 24mm f1.4 review

Here we have the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC lens… Canon fit obviously as I have Canon bodies… after a fair bit of research this lens seems to be the one most loved by […]

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Sunsets at last…

Following on from this morning photographic antics the weather seems to have held out long enough for me to try for a sunset again… My last attempts were thwarted by clouds (go figure) so I […]

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The joys of full frame

Thought it was about time to trade up to a full frame body… after a lot of research I settled on the Canon 6D… The 6D has 95% of the features of the 5D range […]

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Long lens stability….

The problem with a large lens and heavy camera body is stability.. or the lack of… When taking shots of the moon making fine adjustments on focus at full zoom (800mm with the 2x Extender) […]

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Night photography… take two….

The weather has been very changable of late… a couple of days ago it looked good for a night shoot tonight with the moon out of the picture as it approaches its new moon phase […]

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Experiments in composure….

Being a hobbyist photographer I am still learning about composure… I am fairly confident on the technical aspects of photography but I still struggle with composure… it maybe because I am a programmer rather than […]

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Yet another full(ish) moon…

Was a little disappointed with last nights result… I do still need to trawl through the many RAW files and see if there is one thats better than the one I previously posted… At the […]

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A weekend to forget and a Monday to remember…

Don’t think I have felt this exhausted physically and mentally for some time… Weekend started off good… had a nice car in at Bill’s to see if it would fit on the dyno… Was awesome, […]

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Yet another moon….

Ok… I know I do a lot of moon shots but I find it fascinating and a challenge so tough luck lol 😉 The sky was clear and blue on my drive home from work […]

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The joys of photography…

One of the areas of photography that really grabs my interest is astrophotography and I really want to get some shots of the milkyway… This should be achievable with a little effort but the biggest […]

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Coaley Peak sunsets… well, nearly…

Spurred on by the fact the sun was out (and even took a picture to prove it) I was looking forward to it actually going down as I wanted to have a go at a […]

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Photographing the sun…

The sun is out today… I plan to venture out and have a go at a sunset pic later (will post if I do) but decided to put my sun filter together for an actual […]

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Cranham Woods…

As part of a previous commute to work I used to pass through the wooded area of Cranham… in the early hours of the morning I often caught the sun rising and always felt I’d […]

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Coaley Peak and views from Selsley….

As I am currently on leave from work and there was a small break in the weather I decided to take advantage of this and take a few pictures… I am lucky that to have […]

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So… I got a Mac!…

Anyone that knows me well enough knows my feelings on Apple products… or more to the point fanbois that prattle on about how wonderful Apple products are but don’t actually know why… Now… don’t get […]

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Getting started in panoramic photography….

As is normal for me and my hobbies I have a tendency to invest more time and effort in kitting myself out than actually doing the hobby itself… it was the same with my drums… […]

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Lens envy….

After a bit of self justification I have now invested in a new zoom lens to replace my Sigma 120-400… the Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS II USM… The Sigma has served me well […]

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