iPod Video flash memory modding

Further to my excursion into refurbing my iPod (see this post… iPod Video refurbishment) I took it up a level and decided to mod it in OEM++ style

I found a faulty iPod on eBay as I would rather keep my original as a working one in case things went wrong..

I have been reading that you can fit a HDD with up to 256gb capacity into this version of the iPod… the capacity appealed… further research suggested other storage formats such as an SSD could also be used… then I found references about using flash card storage…

There are a few ZIF to compact flash adaptors available but CF cards are pretty old skool these days and decent capacity is either non existent or bloody expensive… I then stumbled upon iFlash which is not only a purpose made compact flash to ZIF adaptor but also comes with a compatible CF to SD card adaptor which are more readily available in decent sizes at good prices

iFlash information can be found here…. http://www.tarkan.info/store/iFlash-bundle

This is the unit…

It comes with a compatibility list of cards so I got a 256gb one from Amazon

The logic board was damaged on the iPod I bought but other than that it was in mint condition… shame as it was an 80gb iPod and had the best logic board for the job… ah well… I found a logic board on eBay… it was from a later model 30gb video so had only 32mb of buffer memory but for a flash player its not an issue..
iPod Video modding

Removed the 80gb HDD and fitted the flash card adaptor…
iPod Video modding

Tested and restored in iTunes….
iPod Video modding

Nice bit of space…. 😀

…and compared to my trusty 60gb iPod video…
iPod Video modding

Essentially loaded my current crop of ‘ticked’ music and podcasts (plus a few new ones it seems since I last synced) … 185gb of free space is a little better than 6gb lol


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