Broken CY-12r/c part 1

One of my CY-12 cymbal pads only works on the bow/bell input as the edge switch strip is damaged (this is how I bought it) and I use it as a crash cymbal anyway so its not the end of the world… but me being me I decided to strip it and see if I could sort it anyway 🙂

Take one CY-12…


Remove the rubber cover… this should be done carefully (there are plenty of guides for this… have a look on youtube for ‘CY-12 bell fix’)…

CY-12 cover

And you will be left with the main part of the cymbal…

CY-12 main cymbal

There was a lot rubber residue so I cleaned it all off with IPA and moved onto the task in hand….

CY-12 edge trigger

The top sensor swich looks like its seen some heat (maybe from sunlight through a window or something) and the switch had de-laminated… this looks to have lifted the track (much like ye olde car dashboards where the PCB is a flexible plastic film on the back)…

CY-12 broken edge trigger

To test the theory that fixing the broken track would restore functionality I rigged up a bridge wire (much like repairing ye olde car dashboards 🙂 )

CY-12 temporary fix

…and tested it on the bow/bell input as this would let me choke the cymbal on the top edge trigger…

Bingo!… worked fine 😀

Next step is to source some of that conductive heated rear screen repair paint and use it to repair the track where its broken… I will update the blog with the results when I have it sorted


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