Broken CY-12r/c part 2

So following on from my last post (Broken CY-12r/c part 1) the conductive paint turned up…

Conductive paint

So I took the cymbal apart again…


As you can see the track for the top section of the sensor switch has separated and with it pulled the conductive strip away..

CY-12 damaged sensor

Using the conductive paint…

Conductive paint

…I painted on a new conductive ‘track’…

Conductive track

…I used a bit of tape to insulate the new track from the lower section to prevent miss-triggers and job done…

CY-12 sensor fix

I used a hot air gun to try and carefully warm up what was left of any bonding agent left on the sensor which worked a little but to be sure I secured the sensor with tape…

CY-12 sensor fix

Put it back together and gave it a test (I actually did a quick test and continuity check before refitting the rubber cover just to be sure 🙂 )

…works a treat 😀

I dedicate this one to Daz… you have a lot to learn my young padawan… well… I am the Modfather (apparently lol)


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  1. Daz 23rd August 2015 at 12:13 am #

    Ha! You wiley old fox!! I love it mate. You who are wise in the ways of science!!
    Got this bookmarked and, though I don’t want any broken cymbals coming in, am ready to have a go myself 😉

    Good one dude


    • <tuffty/> 23rd August 2015 at 2:50 pm #

      Thanks mate… All in a days work for a serial modder 😉

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