Monthly Archives: January 2016


Coaley Peak and views from Selsley….

As I am currently on leave from work and there was a small break in the weather I decided to take advantage of this and take a few pictures… I am lucky that to have […]

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Bloody pot holes!!!

So today I became a victim of our great British roads… again!!… 🙁 …and the culprit…. So I have reported it to the council (if they ever do anything about it) and going to chase […]

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So… I got a Mac!…

Anyone that knows me well enough knows my feelings on Apple products… or more to the point fanbois that prattle on about how wonderful Apple products are but don’t actually know why… Now… don’t get […]

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Getting started in panoramic photography….

As is normal for me and my hobbies I have a tendency to invest more time and effort in kitting myself out than actually doing the hobby itself… it was the same with my drums… […]

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Lack of updates… soz…

Been a while since I have posted but its been a busy few months… big project at work has taken up pretty much all my time but now things are beginning to quieten down so […]

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