Monthly Archives: February 2016


Experiments in composure….

Being a hobbyist photographer I am still learning about composure… I am fairly confident on the technical aspects of photography but I still struggle with composure… it maybe because I am a programmer rather than […]

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Yet another full(ish) moon…

Was a little disappointed with last nights result… I do still need to trawl through the many RAW files and see if there is one thats better than the one I previously posted… At the […]

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A weekend to forget and a Monday to remember…

Don’t think I have felt this exhausted physically and mentally for some time… Weekend started off good… had a nice car in at Bill’s to see if it would fit on the dyno… Was awesome, […]

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Yet another moon….

Ok… I know I do a lot of moon shots but I find it fascinating and a challenge so tough luck lol 😉 The sky was clear and blue on my drive home from work […]

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The joys of photography…

One of the areas of photography that really grabs my interest is astrophotography and I really want to get some shots of the milkyway… This should be achievable with a little effort but the biggest […]

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Coaley Peak sunsets… well, nearly…

Spurred on by the fact the sun was out (and even took a picture to prove it) I was looking forward to it actually going down as I wanted to have a go at a […]

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Photographing the sun…

The sun is out today… I plan to venture out and have a go at a sunset pic later (will post if I do) but decided to put my sun filter together for an actual […]

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Cranham Woods…

As part of a previous commute to work I used to pass through the wooded area of Cranham… in the early hours of the morning I often caught the sun rising and always felt I’d […]

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