Yet another moon….

Ok… I know I do a lot of moon shots but I find it fascinating and a challenge so tough luck lol 😉

The sky was clear and blue on my drive home from work yesterday and the moon was high in the sky and as we are close to a full moon (Monday 22nd Feb) nice and large in a waxing gibbous phase and some 80% illuminated so I decided to grab a shot when I got home…

But… as is the way it seems as soon as got my kit out and setup the clouds started to arrive and by the time a clear gap in the clouds arrived it was getting into twilight…

I took the shot and here is the result…

ISO200, 800mm, f11, 1/100

I did over process it a bit to get the detail and to try and lift the blue a bit as the background is noisy but its my first crack at it and it was all a bit rushed trying to get a shot before the clouds obscured the moon completely

My moon collection is coming along… hoping to grab a full moon Monday and then after some crescents… beyond that its going to be trying to use the moon in a composed shot which may be tricky around here as there isn’t much of any interest to act as a foreground but thats a challenge for another day 🙂


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