Experiments in composure….

Being a hobbyist photographer I am still learning about composure… I am fairly confident on the technical aspects of photography but I still struggle with composure… it maybe because I am a programmer rather than a designer in my chosen profession and my brain just doesn’t work that way… I am ok critiquing others (obviously) but I do struggle with ‘design’ in general so don’t know if thats why I struggle with it.

Today presented itself an opportunity to grab some pics of a railway bridge I pass pretty much everyday… I missed the sunrise as I was rather tired and slept in a bit… shame as I think it could have added to the pics but will make an effort next time to see if it will… I also managed to miss sunset too but this was on the opposite side to where I wanted to take the shots…

So here they are… hopefully my composure is getting a little better..

Will try these again at some point to see if sunrise adds anything to the dynamics of the shot


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