Sunsets at last…

Following on from this morning photographic antics the weather seems to have held out long enough for me to try for a sunset again…

My last attempts were thwarted by clouds (go figure) so I had high hopes for this evening… chose a different spot to the last time and set myself up…

I took a number of bracketed shots with the aim to HDR merge them in Lightroom and then tweak as required… everything went well apart from I misjudged the temperature dropping more quickly than I thought it would… I had left my coat in the car and while I had a few layers and a beanie hat on I was starting to really feel the cold by the end of the shoot and anyone that knows me well enough will realise how cold it needs to be before I feel the cold 🙁

Anyway… I managed to grab a few shots… happy with them too although due to the open scene its not quite got the impact of some but its a start and I learned a lot from the shoot (not least to remember my bloody coat next time!)

Coaley Peak sunset 01

Coaley Peak sunset 02

Coaley Peak sunset 03

The last one kinda looks like a missile strike with the chem trail leading into the sunset lol…

All in all a good days photography 😀


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