Castle Combe Race 2 2016

Early start (was up at 5.30am!) and off to a sunny Castle Combe for Race 2… although technically not had Race 1 yet 🙂

We were in a different paddock today which was more of a mud pit than anything else but it was a busy meeting and this is where they put us so meh…

Bill went out for the very early qualy but developed a strange noise from the gearbox which possibly could have been damage caused by the accident last year so he decided to retire rather than chance wrecking the box…

This meant I could concentrate of taking pics for the rest of the day and enjoy the racing…

Here are a few from the day… apologies in advance as the last time I have really done panning shots was some years ago so still a little rusty..

There was a nasty accident involving the three lead cars in the first couple of laps of the CC Saloons which looks to have taken the main championship contenders out for a little while…

Disappointing to say the least but no one was hurt


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