Sunrise and silhouettes….

Grabbed the day off work as the day was looking nice and I have a fair few days to use up and thought it may be a good idea to get up early and catch the sunrise…

Was awake at 4am for some reason so dragged myself out of bed at 4.30am, got ready and set off just up the road… in fairness probably not the most exciting of locations but its on my way to work and you know how it is… you pass something at a time of day and you think… “that looks beautiful, it would make a great picture”… then when you make the effort to take a picture it never comes out how you originally imagined… anyway…

I was aiming for silhouettes this morning as I knew the subject matter on its own wouldn’t make for particularly exciting shots… couldn’t get the clean composures I wanted but its a start and looking forward to taking more… probably in the winter months when I don’t have to get up so early 😉


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