Transit of Mercury across the sun

So today Mercury passed in front of the sun making it visible with the appropriate equipment…

I took the day off with the intention of taking up to half a dozen shots so that I could put them together to give the even perspective… however… as this is the UK the weather (which looked ok in Fridays forecast) had other ideas and I was greeted with an endless blanket of grey skies….

I did try planning to travel further up the country to find somewhere I could at least grab a few shots but sadly without travelling half way across the country (not something I was looking to do unless there were other photo opportunities available so had resigned myself to the fact it wasn’t going to happen… until… the cloud cover thinned and the sun popped out around 12.30pm (BST) so I set up and grabbed a shot… this is around the time that Mercury was first visible…

Mercury's transit across the sun

Sadly this was the only shot I could get all day as it shortly clouded over again…

Facking weather!!!

Massive disappointment tbh but thats the way it goes…

Mercury is quite a small dot of course so fired up Photoshop anyway to make something of what I had..

Mercury's transit across the sun

Still… I got a lay in this morning so not a total bust lol..


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    Crazylegs 4th July 2016 at 4:35 pm #

    Yep that’s the way it goes mate at least you got it though!

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