An afternoon in Bath….

Lovely weather today so went out with the wife and my youngest daughter to Bath… while I was there I took a few pics 🙂

The A46 to Bath has some beautiful scenery… I couldn’t find a decent place to park to be able to get a decent composure and any parking space there was meant a bit of a walk on a busy road to find somewhere to take a shot… maybe if I didn’t have the family with me I would have given it a go but I managed to find a place that looked ok…

One thing I ended up being plagued with was dust spots on the pics… while I was processing the pics I noticed that these were in exactly the same place on pics taken with both the 100-400L and the 16-35L so that at least suggests its not the lenses… it does now mean its either the sensor itself or the circular polarising filter that was swapped between both lens while taking the landscape shots…

After a bit of tweaking (well… a lot!!)

I am hoping its the CPL as the earlier shots in Bath using the 16-35L didn’t have these spots on them…

I have ordered a Kenro Air Duster kit that has a ‘vacuum’ attachment so will give the body a good clean out and re-test…

Other than that it was a really good day out 😀


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