End of year Moons…

This weekend saw the coming of the super moon… 7% larger and 15% brighter being some 16,000 miles closer to earth than usual…

Leading up to the weekend the weather reports suggested a cloudy night which was to be expected in the UK so as it was a nice clear evening Thursday I bagged a couple of shots to tide me over…

End of years Moons

End of years Moons

Sunday came and the weather reports looked promising… I set up outside in the back garden as it wasn’t actually that cold… there was a thin mist with broken cloud cover… the moon was visible but detail was being lost in the mist…

Took a few shots as and when the moon looked clear enough just in case and just missed what could have been my most epic moon shot to date!…
End of years Moons

…an aircraft passing in front of the moon!!… if only I was a second or so slower hitting the shutter… ah well… I think I might look out for this in the future in case this was a scheduled flight…

The weather forecast suggested that the cloud cover would break and I hoped that meant the mist would disappear long enough to get a clean shot…. thankfully it did 🙂
End of years Moons

Detail is tricky to capture on full moons due to the ‘lighting’ but happy with the result considering it was ‘15%’ brighter..

Only wish the weather was clear enough to have got it rising with some foreground interest much like the harvest moon (Moon rise attempt 2) I photographed a couple of months ago…

I really do need to get out and do some more astro work… milkyway season is pretty much over at the moment but the stars are still beautiful things so might try some constellation based night scapes if the weather and the moon phase allows


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    Annie 8th December 2017 at 8:17 am #

    I think the photographs are very good and I like the tail end of the aeroplane as it goes out of shot. Well done.

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