Monthly Archives: January 2018


Editing astrophotography

As a follow on from yesterdays first dip into astrophotography I went and did some proper processing this evening… Astrophotography introduces a whole different level of complexity when it comes to capturing images and processing […]

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First attempt at some proper astrophotography

I have had a tracking mount for a while now but not used it beyond a couple of images of the moon… the tracker really helps keep the fast moving moon in frame while I […]

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Site Update – Minor Issues

It was brought to my attention that the light box wasn’t working very well on mobile devices… I have spent a couple of hours tonight trying to work out what is going on but the […]

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Site revamp

New year new site layout… 🙂 I have been running my blog for a little while now and thought it needed a new look… hopefully you will all like it… The theme I have used […]

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