Site revamp

New year new site layout… 🙂

I have been running my blog for a little while now and thought it needed a new look… hopefully you will all like it…

The theme I have used has other nifty features too… its given me a platform to sell my images… you can see what I have available at the moment by clicking on the ‘tufftography‘ menu link..

I only have a couple of albums in there at the moment but I will try and add some more of my images soon and of course will be adding to the collection as I go…

Other features I have added recently include an email subscription for my blog posts so that you will get a summary email whenever I add a new post (don’t worry, I don’t post too often so you won’t get spammed :))…

Anyway… hope you like the new design and as a little re-launch gift here is a 25% discount code for buying images from tufftography… its valid until the end of the month so please feel free to share it about…


I will try and add more images over the next week but in fairness I don’t have loads of images I deem to be that good lol

Thanks for your continued support


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