Retro fit in the S3

One of the nice things about VAG group cars is the relative ease that you can retro fit equipment from the newer cars in the range…

I retro fitted an RNS-E Audi sat nav unit a few years ago which is connected up to my amplifiers and works well plus totally looks OEM (as it is)

The 8L A3/S3 did have a sat nav option from the factory but this was the rather dated RNS-D… my S3 had a double din centre console as std when I bought her but aftermarket units didn’t fit without a lot of messing about (ironically) so I converted to single din… now of course I had to convert back…

The RNS-E is one from an A6… this needs a little trimming of the facia to fit but this is not a tutorial as there are plenty out there including more info on my build thread on Audi Sport

Fitting the double din cage into the centre console required taking the whole of the lower dash apart

End result was worth the effort though

I have been wanting to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) for a while but the cost of flat bottom wheels are just a little too much considering the potential issues with modding dual stage airbags and the lack of any decent info on getting the controls working until someone managed to get enough info and did a write up.

So I decided to go for it but instead of getting a flat bottomed steering wheel (FBSW) I went for a normal round one… these are substantially cheaper to buy than FBSW

The air bag was one from an 8V A3 (current shape as I write) which is single stage… there are a few mods you need to do like change the airbag plug from the 8V to the 8L and you also need the wheel module from an 8P model A3 or VAG of similar age to get the controls working…

I made up a lead that allowed me to recode the modules to get it all working…

And the result is a cleaner more updated look to the interior without making it look too out of place

Lastly I fitted the OE Bluetooth module to get phone integration and hands free… the RNS-E was updated to support SDS voice control and I coded it all up so I can now use voice control on the RNS-E and phone

Really happy with the way it came out… I also now have plans to fit the ColorMFA unit to replace the current DIS on the cluster…

The factory DIS on my cluster is starting to lose its pixels (common issue) so was due to replace it anyway but this is a much nicer alternative solution which has diagnostics much like VCDS… I’ll write that up later when I have done it


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