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Here is my drum kit in its current configuration… Its a Roland TD10 (TDW-1) module with a mix of modded Traps Drums pads/cymbals and Roland cymbals… It plays pretty well to be fair, far better […]

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Broken CY-12r/c part 2

So following on from my last post¬†(Broken CY-12r/c part 1) the conductive paint turned up… So I took the cymbal apart again… As you can see the track for the top section of the sensor […]

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Broken CY-12r/c part 1

One of my CY-12 cymbal pads only works on the bow/bell input as the edge switch strip is damaged (this is how I bought it) and I use it as a crash cymbal anyway so […]

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Drum kit revival!

Many years ago during one of my mid-life crisis periods (I have a fair few of them!!) I decide to learn to play the drums…. The wife wasn’t too keen of course so to appease […]

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