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Upping my Moon game….

As avid readers know (all two of you) I am partial to a taking a picture of a moon or two (tags: moon) but this time I tried something a little different… A clear night […]

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End of year Moons…

This weekend saw the coming of the super moon… 7% larger and 15% brighter being some 16,000 miles closer to earth than usual… Leading up to the weekend the weather reports suggested a cloudy night […]

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Moon rise attempt 2

Have been itching to get out and do some astro… been practicing with the tracker and watching loads of videos on youtube on image stacking and other such astrophotography related fun and games… I plan […]

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Pics of the week 17-22…

I have been quite lazy recently and not taken many pictures… this is due to numerous reasons… weather, tired, weather… you get the (no pun intended) picture… I have taken a few though so I […]

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Moon Rising

Planning a moon rise shot is one thing… executing it seems to be a different thing altogether!… Planning wise you ideally want to be getting the rise in the day(ish) light if you want some […]

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Super Moon

So tonight there was a ‘Super’ Moon… this is where the moon’s orbit brings it really close (well, some 221,485 or so miles 🙂 ) to the earth and is typically larger and brighter than […]

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7 day ‘Nature’ photography challenge

I am not big on Facebook viral challenges… the ones where you have to do something then nominate one or more of your friends to do the same… however… I got nominated to post a […]

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The joys of full frame

Thought it was about time to trade up to a full frame body… after a lot of research I settled on the Canon 6D… The 6D has 95% of the features of the 5D range […]

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Long lens stability….

The problem with a large lens and heavy camera body is stability.. or the lack of… When taking shots of the moon making fine adjustments on focus at full zoom (800mm with the 2x Extender) […]

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Finally bagged a crescent…

For some random reason there was a power cut in our cul-de-sac last night… but instead of the whole street being affected it was one or two random houses mine included so I dug out […]

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Shooting Stars eBook….

After reading an article in one of my photography mags about astrophotography by a guy named Phil Hart I decided to buy his e-book ‘Shooting Stars’… 129 pages for $14.95 (at the time of this […]

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Yet another full(ish) moon…

Was a little disappointed with last nights result… I do still need to trawl through the many RAW files and see if there is one thats better than the one I previously posted… At the […]

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A weekend to forget and a Monday to remember…

Don’t think I have felt this exhausted physically and mentally for some time… Weekend started off good… had a nice car in at Bill’s to see if it would fit on the dyno… Was awesome, […]

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Yet another moon….

Ok… I know I do a lot of moon shots but I find it fascinating and a challenge so tough luck lol 😉 The sky was clear and blue on my drive home from work […]

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Lens envy….

After a bit of self justification I have now invested in a new zoom lens to replace my Sigma 120-400… the Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS II USM… The Sigma has served me well […]

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Recently got back into photography… like most hobbies of mine I tend to drift in and out of them… I recently got back into drumming too but thats back on hold… this is how fickle […]

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