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Bloody pot holes!!!

So today I became a victim of our great British roads… again!!… 🙁 …and the culprit…. So I have reported it to the council (if they ever do anything about it) and going to chase […]

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Lack of updates… soz…

Been a while since I have posted but its been a busy few months… big project at work has taken up pretty much all my time but now things are beginning to quieten down so […]

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Goodbye Freeparking

As I type this the process for moving the last of my domains away from Freeparking has begun… As expected there was no reply from my last posted support update and the email package they […]

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So… an actual blog…

This is the first post of no doubt not very many as I am notoriously rubbish at keeping this sort of thing going for long… I have had my domains for some many years now […]

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